Digital Signage Malaysia

Easy to use. Quick to learn. Windows platform. Free trial. Outstanding support.

We have a growing number of clients in Malaysia and nearby Singapore. We have a reseller in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a reseller in the Philippines that is installing our Media Wall edition into shopping centres throughout the Philippines.

Repeat Signage in Malaysia 

  • Security Malaysia

    A security department chose Repeat Signage as they needed a system that their programmers could incorporate Q management control with a digital signage software.
    Digital signage Malaysia.

  • YOWI Deli

    "Using Repeat Signage in a food and drink environment has given me flexibility in my operations and allows me to change my menus and promotions almost instantly without undue costs." YOWI Deli, Singapore.

  • AZRB, Kuala Lumpur

    Repeat Signage was chosen because of its flexibility and ability to show various format with announcements and an attendance list that can be pumped up locally or centrally via HQ. AZRB Group of Companies.

  • AIF Malaysia

    "The main objective of Repeat Signage in my organization is to publish my CEO's agenda on a day to day basis. We incorporated a live video stream of Bloomberg TV and an RSS feed." Asian Institute of Finance.

Repeat Signage digital signage software

Repeat Signage is easy to use, digital signage software.  It is in daily use in 31 countries across multiple applications and market sectors.

After downloading onto a Windows computer (free trial with no expiry dates and no details needed), you can insert a variety of digital media, using drag and drop, to create your signage presentations. Anyone with good computer skills can create dynamic content in around 20 minutes. We have free online training videos to get you started.

Connect your Windows computer, media player, slot-in PC or Windows USB computer stick to your display screens to play your content. You can play and update your content  from a local network drive, a website via FTP or remotely from a PC or mobile phone on our free internet service, to screens, anywhere.

We offer you outstanding support with free trial, contextual help menu within the software, online training videos and email technical support.

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Pricing in US dollars

Single full version licences (digital download).  Repeat Signage software licences last for two years and includes email support and any updates during this period. Option to renew every two years. 1 licence is needed for each Windows PC playing presentations to 1 display screen (4 screens from 1 PC for Media Wall).  

Repeat Signage V5 Standalone Edition

Standalone system, basic features.

Repeat Signage V5 Standard Edition

Remote and network updatable system. Most customers choose Standard.

Repeat Signage V5 Corporate Edition

Remote and network updatable system, all features plus displaying database information.

Repeat Signage V5 Media Wall Edition

4 monitor support. Create media and video walls. All features, database support.


What they say about us

Praise for Repeat Signage from our happy clients

Asian Institute of Finance

Wai Keong Chang

"The main objective of Repeat Signage in my organization is to publish the CEO's agenda on a day to day basis. Apart from his agenda we have incorporated a live video stream of Bloomberg TV and an RSS feed placed at the bottom of the video".

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