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Digital signage is a powerful tool for communicating important messages on display screens.  Staff feel more connected to your business when they feel involved and excellent communication is paramount. Run SQL queries or use the SQL wizard to display your live database info on display screens, keeping everyone involved updated on the latest information.

Repeat Signage Corporate for ecommerce distribution

Repeat Signage displays spreadsheet and database information


Display KPI dashboard

The Corporate edition of Repeat Signage digital signage software lets you display spreadsheets, ideal for displaying lunchtime menus, financial information on boardroom screens or sales graphs.

It also has the ability to collect and display content from a database. Corporate companies are using this feature as a KPI dashboard to report on the status of pending and delivered orders and to display up to date company metrics on display screens, anywhere.

Corporate software
Display info remotely across satellite offices

Corporate communication

Digital signage allows you to communicate up-to-date and relevant information via display screens.

Your company information can be updated remotely over the Internet and displayed on screens in your branches or satellite offices across the globe.

Anyone with good computer skills should be able to create a digital signage presentation in 15 minutes.  Free trial download (no details needed).

Create this design in 15 mins
Repeat Signage for corporate branding

Repeat Signage Corporate lets you broadcast your message to any screen, anywhere

"After a few small issues which were quickly resolved by your support department, we now have a very complex presentation, running smoothly in our reception area which many people have commented on. We are very happy with your product."
Repeat Signage for training and conference centers

Repeat Signage Corporate with powerful Windows platform, for internal communication

Digital signage aids communication

Meeting room displays

Display screens outside corporate offices alert staff to meetings and training events, thus keeping everyone informed.

Repeat Signage software allows a .txt file to be inserted into the digital signage presentation, giving details of training sessions or other changeable information.

Staff can amend data in the .txt file on their computer network or over the Internet, which automatically updates the digital signage display screens.

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Repeat Signage Corporate for warehousing and distribution

Repeat Signage Corporate displays key information to widely dispersed staff. Case study

"One of the features that helped us decide to go with Repeat Signage was the ability to run SQL queries against our ERP database. It is a great way to display up to date company metrics without any user intervention. Before Repeat Signage, we would only share this information at our quarterly meetings, but now employees can get a better understanding in real time as to how the company has been performing against our goals.

We feel that this has helped our staff feel more connected to our company overall. These TVs are setup in the employee breakrooms, allowing staff to see all of the key information without causing any distractions during their workday."

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