Repeat Signage Corporate edition

Repeat Signage Corporate digital signage software is in daily use in a diverse range of corporate companies and businesses. It is used in factory production environments, manufacturing plants, power stations, electronics companies, e-commerce warehousing, airports and hospitals in 31 countries around the world.

How to display a datagrid of data from a database filtering with SQL with Repeat Signage Corporate software

Run SQL queries, display database info in a datagrid (6 mins). Main image above courtesy of Sharp NEC Displays

Display spreadsheets, documents and database info

Corporate communication

Repeat Signage Corporate edition is Internet and network updatable digital signage software with a powerful Windows platform, ideal for corporate communication on display screens, anywhere.

The Corporate edition has same the full features as the Standard edition, plus it also has a very flexible custom template system that allows you to run SQL queries (or use the SQL wizard) to collect and display database information of images and text from a database so these can be displayed on screen, anywhere, from your local network, a website or our free internet service.

Run SQL queries display live database information

What content can I display?

Animated gifs. Audio. Banner pictures or pictures with text. Barcode or QR code. Date and time. Digital clocks. Documents. eBay auctions. PDFs. Pictures. PowerPoint. RSS reader. RTF documents. Shapes. Spreadsheets. Text. MP4 video. Web browser. Webcam. Also has a spreadsheet editor, PowerPoint scheduler, Datagrid, Database Manager, Repeat Pictures for creating posters, menus and adverts, 4,000 icons and free tools.

Corporate edition has the same features as the Standard plus the ability to run SQL queries to display database info.

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Repeat Signage Corporate digital signage software overview

Repeat Signage Corporate digital signage software overview (3-mins)

Repeat Corporate digital signage software displays SQL database queries

"Staff at our satellite location 2000 miles away feel more connected." Minerallac Company, US.

Clients found Microsoft Office skills transferable

How do I start?

After downloading Repeat Signage onto a Windows computer you can insert a variety of digital media, using drag and drop and move around the screen to create dynamic presentations for any size screen in landscape or portrait.

You can download a trial edition, which never expires (no details needed). You can then create content and play on screen for 10 minutes without a licence.

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"One of the features that helped us decide to go with Repeat Signage was the ability to run SQL queries against our ERP database. It is a great way to display up to date company metrics without any user intervention. Before Repeat Signage, we would only share this information at our quarterly meetings, but now employees can get a better understanding in real time as to how the company has been performing against our goals."

Corporate digital signage displays SQL database queries

Repeat Signage Corporate with powerful Windows platform, for internal communication

Free internet service to update and play content

Schedule Connect and Play

Connect your Windows computer (Windows media player, Slot-in PC or Windows USB computer stick) to your display screen to play your presentations.

Schedule presentations to display on screens continuously one after the other, hourly, daily, weekly or at specific dates and times.

Play and update presentations from your local network drive, a website via FTP or remotely over the Internet on our free RepeatServer service from your mobile device or PC to screens anywhere.

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We give you outstanding support

What support do I receive?

We offer you outstanding support. We provide you with free online training videos and you can press F1 anywhere in the software for walk-through help, a free trial download and free account on our internet service with access to a free RSS creator.

Our technical support team are available by email from 08:00 - 22:00 UK time with some support over the weekend and public holidays, often responding within an hour.

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