Simple Digital Signage for Busy Hospitals

Display waiting times, operating room schedules and healthcare news. Effective internal communication is vital in busy hospitals with staff, patients and visitors all needing information or way-finding. Digital signage is a powerful tool for targeted messages, displaying services, clinical appointments, healthcare information and even canteen menus on display screens around the hospital, in clinics and A&E.

Repeat Digital Signage for hospitals

Repeat Signage features an a spreadsheet grid and RSS feed creator. Images in this sample presentation and main image above, courtesy of Sharp NEC Display Solutions

SIMPLE TO USE Repeat Signage software

Promote hospital services

Digital signage in hospitals helps keep patients and staff updated on hospital services and care.

Repeat Signage is simple to use Windows-based digital signage software for displaying a wide variety of digital media including spreadsheets and database info.

In Outpatients and clinics, a spreadsheet of clinical data or a txt file of waiting times, can quickly and easily be updated by receptionists on their network, which automatically updates the display screens. Repeat Signage software includes an in-built spreadsheet grid.

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Digital signage educates clinic patients

Targeted messages in clinics

Educating patients in specialist clinics such as hospital eye departments, can help alleviate stress of 'what are they going to do', and even offer tips on eye care and recommended eye products.

For children's eye clinics, the playlist of images could be replaced in favour of a children's animated video, to keep them entertained whilst waiting. Software includes 4,000 icons to use in your presentations.

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Repeat Signage for hospital clinics

Free training videos and templates to get you started

Digital signage can also be used in many areas of hospitals, for example, displaying spreadsheet patient lists on wards and in operating theatres,  lists of doctors on duty in hospital waiting areas along with easily updated waiting times. A digital menu board displaying food choices, schedule to play breakfast, lunch and evening meal options in hospital restaurants and coffee bars, whilst displays and kiosks can assist patient and visitor way finding.
Repeat Digital Signage for A&E

Sample Repeat Signage presentation. Image courtesy of Sharp NEC Display Solutions.

simple .txt file of waiting times updates screens

Keep patients updated in busy A&E

Hospital accident and emergency departments are extremely busy with patients, staff and visitors. Effective communication is paramount to the smooth running of the department.

In the reception and waiting area of A&E, having timely information, such as waiting times, on digital signage screens, keeps patients updated without them having to keep asking the receptionists.

Repeat Signage software allows a .txt file to be inserted into the digital signage presentation, giving waiting times or other changeable information. Staff can amend the waiting time in the .txt file on their computer network or over the Internet, which automatically updates the digital signage display screens.

Repeat Signage software updates hospital waiting times

RSS news feeds, using the free RSS creator, can quickly be updated on local network or remotely over the Internet, to communicate Health Safety messages and news on wider hospital services and care.

Recorded demo (32 secs)

Create dynamic content in around 20 minutes

Call next patient

In a hospital dental department keep patients updated on services, local news and reminders to book future appointments, etc.

The patient call feature allows text to speech for patient calling.

Anyone with good computer skills can create a digital signage presentation in minutes, using drag and drop to move images, text, etc., around the screen. Free training videos. Free support.

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Repeat Signage for dental and doctors surgeries

Repeat Signage software displays surgery and clinical information

Repeat Signage Media Wall software for hospital donor walls

A large US hospital created an artistic 6-screen 'donor wall of thanks' with Repeat Signage Media Wall

Digital signage is a great way to advocate fundraising. A large US hospital wanted an eye-catching video wall that could display documents of hospital donations with images of its sponsors, donors and equipment purchased.

An effective way to welcome hospital patients, visitors and staff, advocating fund raising, promoting hospital events and ex-patients inspirational stories, creating a sense of community and well-being.

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