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Displaying internal news and safety announcements with Repeat Signage at BLM

Repeat Signage at British Lead Mills

Displaying company information, sports and news headlines with Repeat Signage

British Lead Mills (BLM) are proud of their reputation for producing quality Rolled Lead Sheet - all manufactured to BS EN12588, which ensures thickness consistency.

The BLM site at Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, which started production in 1932, is home the UK’s most advanced rolling mills, state of the art robotic finishing lines and the UK’s largest recycling facility for Lead recovered from construction demolition.

"We use the Repeat Signage software as a replacement for paper notices on noticeboards."

"The information displayed on the screens includes everything from general staff notices, safety announcements, Company news and job adverts and everyone has become very used to information being displayed in this way." Roger D Riggs, IT Manager, British Lead Mills.
British Lead Mills recommend Repeat Signage

Repeat Signage displays company information, news and sports headlines at British Lead Mills

We have setup our presentations so that the information is displayed in the center of the screen with feeds at the top and bottom of the screen displaying news and sports headlines.

The information is put together using PowerPoint which is very simple and allows us to use the transitions and effects from PowerPoint on our displays which makes them look both less staid and more professional." British Lead Mills.  

Repeat Signage Standard edition of the software is ideal for keeping staff updated on important company news. With the RSS news creator provided, it is easy to add welcome messages in reception area, celebratory greetings in canteen areas and for alerting staff to forthcoming fire drills and other safety announcements.

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