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Caxton Publishers stream live company events on boardroom screens

Repeat Signage at Caxton Publishers, SA

"We do live streaming via YouTube from events and display that to staff on all floors"

Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers is recognized as one of the market leaders in the printing and publishing industry in South Africa.

Established in 1980, this Company has firm roots in the printing, publishing, ink manufacturing, digital media, packaging and labeling, stationery, digital replication, advertising and distribution segments of this country.

"At Caxton House, the corporate Head Office of our company and home of Caxton Magazines, we replaced our messy stick-on notice boards with electronic notice boards using Repeat Signage Standard edition digital signage software."

"During marketing and important corporate events, we do live streaming via YouTube from the event and display that to the staff on all the floors and some boardrooms. We use various presentations during different parts of the day and week, or during events, scheduling them with the play lists facility". Riaan Hattingh, IT Consultant, Caxton Publishers.
Caxton Publishers recommend Repeat Signage software

"We make use of RSS feeds using the RSS feed facility within Repeat Signage software."

"We make use of RSS feeds a lot, also using the RSS feed facility provided by Repeat Signage for quick editing and display our company, staff and building related information and announcements - even birthdays and canteen specials.

Visitors can see the latest covers of our publications, and general notices and vacancies aimed at staff form part of our layout. We display a number of marketing videos in another section." Riaan Hattingh, IT Consultant, Caxton Publishers.

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