Clean Room Digital Signage

Repeat Signage software displays key internal communication across laundry sites

Repeat Signage at Fenland Laundries

Repeat Signage updates laundry staff with timely information

Micronclean is an International operation specialising in supplying a total contamination control clothing service for the full spectrum of cleanroom industries from Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare users to Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Precision Engineering and Automotive customers.

Micronclean chose Repeat Signage digital signage software to provide timely and relevant information to their staff in their Micronclean canteen at Fenland Laundries.

"We were looking for a product to use across our four sites to keep our staff updated with company news and events."

"We wanted presentation screens mounted in each of our staff canteens that could display a rolling presentation as well as RSS feeds. Our requirement was: simple to update, quick to roll out new information, controllable centrally, and less than £300. Repeat Signage fitted the bill perfectly." Mark Robinson, IT Manager, Micronclean, Skegness, Lincolnshire.
Repeat Signage in-built spreadsheet displays restaurant menus

Schedule and display spreadsheets of menus with Repeat Signage

"Repeat Signage is a great way to get timely and relevant information to staff. We have a PowerPoint presentation for each site that we export to a Shockwave file, this is then read in and displayed within the Repeat Signage software, any changes to the presentation file automatically update on the screen within a matter of minutes without any manual intervention.

This is perfect for updating remote sites and also allows us to get information to staff as soon as it is available. The ability to add multiple RSS feeds over the presentation also allows us to quickly highlight important updates or even send messages to the staff such as birthday announcements or congratulations."

"We have been running the system for a while now and it has been a resounding success, we have even had several of our customers ask what software we use when they have seen it on a site visit." IT Manager, Micronclean
Repeat Signage in-built spreadsheet displays restaurant menus

Repeat Signage lets you display spreadsheets, PDFs and other documents

"I will be rolling it out to the other laundries in Louth and Grantham over the next couple of months.

We use a PowerPoint presentation exported as a video for the main presentation with two RSS feeds at the bottom, one from the BBC news site and a custom one using their that we use for messages such as new starters, requests, birthday greetings, etc.

The main display is used for KPIs, information on company schemes, profit graphs, complaints, project updates etc., and it is a great way to get timely and relevant information to the staff". Mark Robinson, IT Manager.

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