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Ramsay Media displays special interest magazines in South Africa publishing house

Repeat Signage at Ramsay Media, SA

Digital media is displayed at various times of the day and week with Repeat Signage software

Ramsay Media has been dedicated to market leading, special interest publishing since 1933. Over time, the company has expanded from a stable of dominant magazine brands into a true multi-platform enterprise with a vast array of digital and mobile opportunities, events, exhibitions, an audiovisual production division and a variety of related media channels.

At present, the company publishes five titles in a versatile portfolio that embraces the automotive, travel, science and technology markets – focused on the consumer market.

Ramsay Media welcomed software as a digital media to display its special interest magazines in their reception area, especially the page-turning PDF feature which allows the whole magazine to be viewed, in addition to images, videos, real-time and RSS newsfeeds.
Ramsay Media showcases publications with Repeat Signage

Repeat Signage's page-turning PDF feature allows the whole magazine to be viewed

Presentations comprising various media such as web-browsers, spreadsheets, icons and adverts can be scheduled to display different content at various times of the day or week, thus providing information and new content to Ramsay Media's customers.

As they attend events and exhibitions, staff can display their Repeat Signage presentations on desktop monitors and large format displays.

Utilizing the page-turning PDF feature within Windows-based Repeat Signage software to showcase sample magazines, this gives potential customers an opportunity to view information for themselves, especially useful when staff are busy talking to other customers on the exhibition stand. This also embraces the company’s use of digital and mobile opportunities.

Repeat Signage user-friendly software