Digital Signage Menu Boards

Repeat Signage displays healthy menu choices at Velo Restaurant

Repeat Signage at Velo Restaurant

Repeat Signage Media Wall software displays Velo Restaurant menus

Repeat Signage Media Wall software

"The concept at Velo Restaurant is simple. Customers use the display screens above the counter to see the menus. Orders can then be placed and paid for at the self-service touch screens, which are sited along the rear wall. The order is then collected at the pick-up counter."

The team at Velo Restaurant has used Repeat Signage Media Wall since 2011, to display their healthy Vietnamese menus and timely seasonal offers to their customers.

"We launched our restaurant in London. It features self-service touchscreen technology and a digital menu board using Repeat Signage digital signage software". Nghi Nguyen, founder of Velo Restaurant, Tooley Street, London.

Repeat Signage Media Wall software

Repeat Signage at Velo Restaurant

Digital images help customers with menu choices and nutritional content.

Digital signage aids customer menu choice

Schedule presentations to display at different times of the day.

Velo's digital menu board comprises four Panasonic Full HD display screens installed in horizontal format, and Repeat Signage Media Wall digital signage software.

When the Repeat Software team launched Repeat Signage V4 Media Wall edition, Velo's upgraded to take advantage of many new exciting features, including the ability to display QR codes and a built-in spreadsheet grid which allows price list menu spreadsheets to be displayed.

"Repeat Signage V4 worked well, especially with Windows 10, without any glitches." Nghi Nguyen, founder of Velo Restaurant.

Repeat Signage Media Wall