Digital Signage for Coach Companies

Changing the way bus drivers receive info at Kangaroo Coaches

Digital signage for transport drivers

Repeat Signage allows easy insertion of pictures, video, real-time, RSS feeds and other media

Kangaroo Bus Lines has been delivering superior service and experiences to their clients for 35 years and counting. Established in 1978, this family owned and operated organization has experienced significant growth since their humble beginnings of six buses operated from a private residence servicing the Moreton Bay district.

"Repeat Signage has made such a difference to the way drivers receive information, and we have also started a monthly photo competition." Greg Stone - Manager Compliance, Kangaroo Bus Lines.

"We use it to remind drivers of where first aid is and fire and emergency evacuation procedures. This is the tip of the ice berg for us. The company is very happy with this program and other bus companies will see this as well. Thank you once again, it is a great program."
Repeat Signage at Kangaroo Bus Lines

Repeat Signage changes the way drivers receive information at Kangaroo Bus Lines.

Repeat Signage is professional digital signage software for Windows. It is easy to use and you can create a presentation and have it playing in minutes.

A playlist allows the scheduling of information at various times of the day or week and you can update content via local network, from a website or remotely over the Internet.

Where Repeat Signage is used in several drivers depots, information can be updated from a central location over the Internet, ensuring that all drivers receive the same information.

Repeat Signage software