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Digital signage software at its easiest

Repeat Signage digital signage software for Windows - Standalone, network and Internet updatable software

Simple enough for school children to use. Powerful for professionals. Trusted by clients in 31 countries in a variety of applications

Repeat Signage digital signage software

Repeat Signage software

Repeat Signage sample presentation displaying a playlist of images and spreadsheet menu

Download to your Windows PC, insert media to create a presentation, connect to a display screen

Repeat Signage software editionsRepeat Signage software

Repeat Signage software allows you to easily create stunning presentations for various size digital signage display screens and touchscreens, in landscape or portrait. Digital download.

You can update content (pictures, text, etc) from a local network drive, a website or cloud-based remotely over the Internet.

Repeat Signage software products:

Repeat Signage Standalone edition is non-networked.

Repeat Signage Standard has full features for network drive and Internet remote updating of content.

Repeat Signage Corporate edition is the same as Standard plus the ability to collect and display content from a database.

Repeat Signage Media Wall is the same as Corporate plus the ability to connect 2, 3 or 4 screens to one Windows PC.

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Repeat Signage hospital signage

Repeat Signage sample presentation displaying playlist of pictures, RSS feed and spreadsheets

Update your content remotely free of charge

For the updating of content files (videos, pictures, etc), Repeat Signage (Standard, Corporate and Media Wall editions) allows you to collect content from Internet websites and network drives.

This means that if you have offices in London and want to change the content being displayed on screen in Edinburgh, New York and Paris, you can upload new presentations, files and play lists to a website and the remote players (when connected to the Internet) can download and display the new information.

Repeat Signage Media Wall allows the use of up to 4 monitors attached to one computer, without having to pay for 4 separate licences. Many new graphics cards in computers have connections for two monitors. Repeat Signage allows you to display information across multiple screens, or play different presentations on each screen.

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