Repeat Software Privacy Policy

Repeat Software Privacy and GDPR Compliance

This GDPR compliant privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data including information we collect and store:

1.  Company websites

1.1.   The Company websites are, and, all of which are https. HTTPS is the secure version of http, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website you are connected to.

1.2.   The Company websites contain a Google Analytical script to monitor usage of specific webpages for the purpose of updating webpages and search engine adverts. The Company does NOT engage in remarketing nor displaying advertisements to you.

1.3   Employees computers are protected by security passwords, firewalls and Malware software.

2.  Types of information and where it comes from

2.1.   Information you provide to us from our websites through the contact forms, by telephone, by email or opt-in newsletter, when you access our products and services through our websites or operated by our distributors and reseller partners. 

2.2.  Information about our content, products and services you've enquired about.  We will only use this information to help us deal with your enquiry and to contact you with the information you requested.  We do not record telephone calls.  You will not be added to any marketing list. Our updates newsletter is opt-in and we only send out occasional newsletter emails with an unsubscribe link.

2.3.   Technical information you provide us with when accessing our technical support team.  We will only use this information to help us deal with your support requests. You will not be added to any marketing list.

3.  Why and where we use your information

The main purpose for which we process your personal data is so that we can provide you with products and services. This includes account management and customer support including trouble-shooting, beta testing and management of licencing keys. Improving our products and services and working with our beta testers, resellers and distributors to improve or develop new products and services.


3.1.   We do NOT store any user credit cards at all. All processing is performed via PayPal or by BACS.

3.2.   Our online database and dedicated servers are hosted by Microsoft and is securely encrypted and IP address restricted.

3.3.   Data collected from customers who place their orders through PayPal via our Buy page is transferred to the securely encrypted and password protected Company IT System and password protected industry standard accountancy system.

3.4.   Customer payments are transferred from PayPal to the Company bank account and recorded in the Company's accountancy system.

3.5.   We receive orders from our reseller partners and information may be shared for the purpose of processing and managing orders and licence keys.

Newsletter form and newsletter emails

3.6.   Subscribing: We have a newsletter for the purpose of emailing news, information and promotions on our products and services.  To receive newsletters, there is an opt-in newsletter form on our websites which requires name and email address to subscribe.

3.7.  Unsubscribing:  Every newsletter we send out will have an unsubscribe link on. Clicking the link to unsubscribe and clicking on the displayed confirm button will remove the subscribers' details.

Cookie use on websites

3.8.   A cookie is a tiny file that is downloaded to your device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) when you visit a website. Most websites use these.

3.9.   We use the Microsoft ASP.NET programming system on the majority of the pages on our websites. Any of the pages that end in .aspx uses ASP.NET. This system uses essential cookies necessary to provide information to website users. This happens automatically with the programming system.

3.10.   The only code on the website that uses cookies programmed by us, i.e. non-essential cookies, is an opt in ‘Remember my email address’:


This stores a cookie on the client’s web browser so that when they visit our login page for future use, their email address it automatically placed in the email address box for the user’s convenience. To forget the cookie, the user can simply uncheck the remember box and log in to clear the cookie. We do not use cookies for marketing purposes.

4.  How we share your information

4.1.   We may need to share your information with government departments including HMRC, VAT and other government departments as required by law.

4.2.  For hardware products, we need to share your information with suppliers and couriers for the purpose of fulfilling orders.

5.   Keeping your data updated and your rights

5.1. You can contact us to update, amend or correct any information we have stored, for example change of email address and phone number. 

5.2.  Where you have given consent to process your personal data, for example opt-in newsletter subscription, you have a right to withdraw that consent at any times.

5.3.   You have a right to make a Data Subject Access request to access or delete any data we hold about you. 

5.4.  We have a right to deny a request to delete data pertaining to the management of software licencing, if complying with it meant we were no longer able to meet our contractual obligation to manage your licenced products and services.  We would inform you as to the result of any actions when your request was made.

5.5  Customers who register for an online account on our websites, can manage or delete their account online or by emailing:

6.   How long we keep your data for

6.1.  We store your data in accordance with our privacy policy, which is GDPR compliant. 

6.2.  Where you have enquired about our products and services and communication has been inactive for a reasonable period of time, we delete your data.

6.3.  Where you have placed orders for our products and services, we retain your data for the fulfillment of orders and management of product licencing and support.  Terms & Conditions.

7.   Copy protection in Repeat Signage

7.1. Our product, Repeat Signage digital signage software, has a copy protection system that collects a unique machine ID key of the user’s computer and users this to activate a licenced copy of our software on the user’s computer. The collected unique key does not allow us to identify any personal information from the user. The unique key is not cross referenced with any other data sources and is solely to help prevent users installing the software of multiple computers, without a purchased license.

8.   Google AdSense

8.1.   We have Google AdSense adverts on some of our sites, including These display adverts from Google to users on our website.

9.   Google analytics

9.1.   We have Google Analytics scripts on most of the pages on our websites. This sends basic visitor information to google, which allows us to log into Google Analytics and see generic summaries such as visitor numbers, how long visitors stay on our pages, etc, which we can use to help us improve our website pages.

9.2.   We have updated our Google Analytics accounts and unchecked the data sharing options on the account so that information is not shared with other Google services, technical support or third parties.

9.3.   We have accepted the Google Analytics data processing amendment which supports the GDPR processing laws.

10.   Assignment

10.1.   In the event that the Company sells the business or website, the data would be transferred to the new owners for the same purposes of the running the business.

11.   Complaints

If you wish make a complaint about how we use your data, please email us at: gdpr @

12.   English Law

The Company Terms & Conditions and GDPR are governed by the Laws of England and all parties shall submit to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Terms & Conditions.


We regularly review our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Whilst we make every effort to keep the websites up-to-date, we do not provide any guarantees, conditions or warranties, that the information will be current or accurate. E.&O.E.