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NEWS / BLOG 2017

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New brochure showcases clients presentations

Repeat Signage software brochure

1 December 2017

We've updated our Repeat Signage brochure (PDF) and included images from some our many clients across the world to showcase how this digital signage software is used daily in various markets. You can go from a blank screen to an attractive digital signage presentation. Here's how:

Download Repeat Signage onto a Windows PC. Select 'Create a Presentation and start with a blank page or a template. Insert your logo, pictures, text, date, time, RSS feed, documents, video or other media to create your presentation and save it. Connect the computer to a display screen to play your presentations. You can create different presentations and create a playlist to display these at various times of the day or week.  Repeat Signage brochure...

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iCal files schedule images and text

Repeat Signage at CBBA

28 June 2017

We have added iCalendar file schedule support to the Repeat Signage Picture and Text Label controls. You can now use iCalendar (iCal) files to schedule pictures and text to display within Repeat Signage presentations.

What are iCalendar files? Many pieces of computer software have calendars. For example, Microsoft Outlook gives you a calendar so that you can schedule yourself tasks and set reminders for meetings, etc You can export your Outlook calendar so that you can email to other people or import your calendar into other software. The iCalendar file format is a standard way of encoding your task information into a text file which has either a .ics or .ical file extension. An iCalendar file can then be read by different software on different computer systems. You can schedule files to play by dragging and dropping files from the list. You can also just double click a time slot and create a task that way.  Read more...

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Indiana State USBC displays Repeat Signage at tournaments

Repeat Signage at CBBA

26 January 2017

The Indiana State Bowling Association has been using Repeat Signage on 5 display screens since 2015 and have been kind enough to send us their digital signage success story.  Read more...

"We invite you to look at our website at We have proudly placed Repeat Signage logo on our website advertising as it is the IS USBC BA's software of choice and use for presenting and scrolling information at our events." Brian K. Nunning, Technical Manager, Indiana State USBC Bowing Association.

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We were extremely pleased with the friendly and amazing quick response from Repeat Signage's support on the very first weekend we looked at the software and downloaded the demo. It was extremely easy to download and install the software package and Repeat Signage is very intuitive and easy to use. Within a short time we had a sample presentation running to show our team the capabilities of the software."
Repeat Signage Standalone software

Repeat Signage Standalone digital signage creating a vibrant and welcoming reception area display.

Repeat Signage - a joy to us

"I arrived in 2015 and was eager to relaunch the school with new, fresh branding. This included re-inventing an unloved area into a vibrant and welcoming reception area.

Initially, we considered the ubiquitous PowerPoint but soon ran into the tedium of predictable transitions and graphics. By luck, good fortune sent Repeat Signage in my school's direction. Repeat Signage was immediately a joy to use, enabling my staff and me to simply to create stunning 'blue sky thinking' and tech savvy presentations that really do make an impact.

We have now extended its use to our Children's Centre and playground displays. We couldn't be happier with the impact of Repeat Signage software." Marcus Newby, Head Teacher, Howard Park School, UK. View case study

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