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Repeat Signage Support

The current Repeat Signage version is V5.1.2

We offer you an outstanding level of support with free trial download, free training videos, online walk-through help menu system and free email technical support.

Repeat Signage has a context-sensitive help system which means that appropriate help is available whenever you press the F1 key on your keyboard. For example, on the designer screen, pressing F1 will give you information on adding, resizing, moving and deleting all the types of controls (text, PDF, pictures, videos, etc).

Email support is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 22:00 GMT. Limited email support is also available over weekends and public holidays. This means that we can effectively support US and international customers even though we are based in the UK.

System requirements

Repeat Signage is Windows based digital signage software and runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Please see System Requirements.

Problems including 'Crashes'

Here are a few things you could try to resolve an error message prior to contacting support:

–Restart your computer and have another go - Repeat Signage uses the .NET Framework and calls on Windows to perform operations.  Sometimes a restart will just clear your memory usage and reset Windows.

–Make sure you have the latest version of the software as your problem may have been fixed.

Playing Flash videos in Repeat Signage V4 and Repeat Signage 2015

Adobe Flash is no longer supported by Windows 10 as of 12 January 2021. More details.

We have released Repeat Signage V5. We have re-written all the Flash components with jQuery/HTML5 instead to keep the software going forward,  plus, there are additional features. There is a paid-for upgrade available to existing users.

Video file problems

You can display .MP4 videos in Repeat Signage V5 but anything else has to be converted to .MP4. Previous edition (V4) of Repeat Signage allowed Flash videos to be played, but these are no longer supported in Windows 10.  There are free and paid for video conversion software packages on the Internet and a search 'convert video to MP4' gives you many options.

Contacting support

If you have upgraded to the lastest version and still receiving the same problem, then please email support using the email address below:

support @

If possible, please include:

– If you can access Repeat Signage, then on the main screen click on 'Help' then 'Get computer information'.  This gives us information about your computer that you can copy and paste into your email. 

– If you see an error message, then please press the Print Screen (Prnt Scr) button on your keyboard when the error appears. This will make a copy of your screen to the Windows clipboard. Open Repeat Signage and click on 'Help' then 'Save Windows clipboard image to disk'. This screen will then allow you to save this screen image to your hard disk so that it can be emailed to Repeat Support.

– Please tell us what you did prior to receiving any error message in a step-by-step way.  Try doing the same thing again and duplicating the problem.

–If you are having problems playing a particular video file, picture, PDF, etc, then please also email this to us (zipped if possible).   Video file problems are often to do with having the correct video codecs installed.  Usually, if a file will play with Windows Media Player, then it will also play in Repeat Signage.


Feedback form

We welcome your feedback as this allows us to improve the software for our customers. Please use the Feedback form.


Frequently asked questions

Please see the Frequently asked questions page as there may already be information that will help you.


'How do I ...' questions

Please email us as at and we will be happy to help.


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