Digital Signage Increases Charity Shop Sales

Repeat Signage not only promotes your charity shop, appeals for volunteers, but now can display your live eBay auctions on your charity shop display screen to encourage bids and online sales even when the store is closed.

Gain bids even when the store is closed

Display live eBay auctions

Display screens in charity shops can be turned into digital advertising displays with digital signage software. Using Repeat Signage's advert template you can promote charity shop cards and also promote other local businesses, thus generating an income.

Where you also sell products on eBay, you can also display your live eBay auctions on a shop window screen, thus generating bids, even when the store is closed.

Software features
Repeat Signage for displaying eBay auctions on display screens

Display your eBay auctions in charity shop windows with Repeat Signage software.

Repeat Signage screenshot of auction template

Easy way to display your eBay auctions with Repeat Signage auction template

Wizard works its magic with auction template

Auction template wizard

To make it easy for you to display your eBay auctions, Repeat Signage software includes auction templates.

Once you have connected to your eBay account (and Repeat Signage doesn't save your details as you login directly to eBay), you can view all the auctions on your account with a preview picture next to each.

You can customise the template, choosing which text to display, currency etc.. and also replace our logo, QR code and text along the top of the template with your own. If you don't use a QR code, you could replace it with an image or use an icon (choose from over 1,000 icons in Repeat Signage).

Software info

Simple digital signage for charity shop screens

Simple design templates

Repeat Signage software is easy to use, and includes template wizards that allows you to replace our images and text with your own, rather than starting from a blank screen.

When you have created your presentation, connect to your display screen. Update your content manually with the Standalone edition, or via your network with the Standard edition.

Free videos
Repeat Signage software for bookshops

Display items for sale and appeal for volunteers on your shop display screen

Repeat Signage software for book shops

Easy way to promote book of the month with easily edited templates

Encourage children to read with book offers

Bookshop signage

Digital signage is also ideal for bookshops, newsagents and second hand shops, promoting their products and events on shop display screens or projected onto shop windows.

Repeat Signage is easy to use. You simply insert your images, text and any other information, then resize and move it around the screen (drag and drop) to create your presentations. Then connect to your display screen.  Free trial available (no details needed).

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