Repeat Signage Software Features

Powerful yet simple to use.  Quick to learn. Windows platform

Easy to use Repeat Signage software, free trial download

Repeat Signage digital signage software. Main picture above courtesy Sharp NEC Displays

Create content - Easy to use. Simply insert your logo, images, etc.,  resize and move them round the screen to create your presentation. Please see screenshots below.

Connect and play - Connect your Windows device to any size display screen, landscape or portrait, to play your presentations.

Schedule playlists - Create a play list of your presentations and schedule these to play at various times of the day or week. (Standard edition and above)

Manage and update content  - Update your presentations from your network drive, from a website via FTP or remotely over the Internet with a free account. (Standard edition and above). Manually updating and playing of content where the Internet is not an option (Standalone edition).

Outstanding support - Free support, menu system and training videos. Free trial download (no details needed). 

Screenshot walk-through

How to create dynamic content

Create dynamic presentations

Create digital signage presentations with Repeat Signage

Click Create New Presentation.

Design for any shape or size screen

Create presentations for any size screen or shape

Choose screen size in landscape or portrait orientation.

From a technical perspective, DockCom Technology Services, as an integration and signage installation specialist, find Repeat Signage software an excellent choice of reliable software with an extensive feature range, suitable for many applications. Most importantly, we find that clients like the software and find it easy to use."

Choose a template to edit

Choose a template in Repeat Signage software

Select a template, for example, a restaurant template, then double click the images and text and replace with your own. Or  select a Blank template. Click Create.

Blank template in the Designer screen

Repeat Signage Designer screen to create your presentation

From the floating toolbox select Insert to insert a variety of digital media, for example, pictures, text, RSS feed, documents, QR code, MP4 video, animated gifs, etc. to create your presentation.

Resize and move anywhere on the screen

Insert content, resize and move round screen to create your presentation

This example features a playlist of images with optional title, logo, text, real-time and date. Please scroll down this page to see a list of controls you can insert into your software.

Save. Connect to screen. Play presentations

Learn how to create this design in a 15 minute tutorial.

More how-to tutorial videos .

Start a free trial

No details required. Download onto a Windows computer, create your presentation and play it for 10 minutes to evaluate the software

There are four software editions: Standalone (non-networked), Standard, Corporate and Media Wall. Software products

Repeat Signage has been a real help in saving me time and money while helping to attract more customers to my quick service food outlet. Having used Repeat Signage for six years now, I feel that it is worth its weight in gold! Thanks Repeat Software!"

Repeat Pictures

Create pictures with text and adverts

Create pictures with text, then export them as a picture, to use in your digital signage presentations. Use the Repeat Picture templates to easily create menus, notices or use the advert template to generate income.


Easily display spreadsheet data

Create menu items for digital menu boards.

Repeat Signage includes an in-built spreadsheet grid, ideal for displaying menu items on screens. Schedule a playlist of presentations to change at various times of the day or week. is a free remote control system for Repeat Signage digital signage software, which is also accessible from within the software..

It allows the creation and hosting of RSS feeds, text and RTF files, Excel spreadsheets and pictures that allows users to remotely update their digital signage screens from your mobile phone or computer

There are 3,000+ images for use in your digital signage presentations in addition to 4,000 icons within the software.  

Repeat Signage not only met our needs it has given us other options to think about that we did not know were possible. We had originally planned on just using a PowerPoint presentation, but Repeat Signage has expanded our abilities and has us looking into other content that we could use to showcase our school."

Wide variety of Repeat Signage controls

Support for the following types of controls:

We also have a screeshot walk-through page, with a 6-minute how-to video, that takes you step-by-step with screenshots to create a simple signage presentation. Plus training videos to get you started.

Repeat Signage Standard edition controls

All edition controls plus:

PowerPoint scheduler control

Webcam control

The Standard edition, allows you to schedule your presentations to play at different times of the day or week.

Display RSS files on local or network drives and Internet websites (all editions). FTP sites with the Standard and above editions. 

Update your files from network drives or the Internet, for example, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, in presentations and then when they are updated on a network drive, the presentations are updated straight away, so that new information is displayed on your screens.

You can update content and play presentations remotely over the Internet with a free account at

Free trial download

Repeat Signage Corporate and Media Wall edition controls

All the features of the Standard edition plus:

Datagrid control

The Corporate and Media Wall editions support databases connectivity in most controls. See Displaying database information in Repeat Signage.

Media Wall edition allows same or different content to be played on a 2, 3 or 4 screen video wall, playing from one Windows computer. Case study.

What's New in Repeat Signage V5

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