Promote your hotel services and events with digital signage

Repeat Signage software for hotels

Repeat Signage digital signage software promoting hotel facilities on display screens.

Welcome guests to your hotel

How hotel guests are greeted and welcomed on arrival at your hotel reception always makes an impression. Whether that is a good or bad first impression depends on the hotel and its staff.

Often guests are tired after a long journey, and being offered a smile, a warm welcome and a glass of iced water makes a big difference.

Guests waiting in reception area can leisurely browse the digital display screens, showcasing your hotel services which then encourages eating-in, enjoying the spa and other facilities.

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Hotel wedding fayres

Your hotel, in luxury grounds or beachside setting, may specialise in weddings. By showcasing a playlist of beautiful pictures of couples and their guests celebrating happy events, helps guests to visualise their own celebrations at your hotel, thus helping you to increase bookings.

Perhaps guests who have booked rooms to attend the hotel wedding reception may not be aware you have a fitness center, spa and beauty facilities, and playing dynamic digital signage software on display screens, helps you to promote these. You can even advertise spa products to generate an income.

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Repeat Signage for hotel weddings

Repeat Signage advertises your hotel wedding fayres and wedding reception services.

Digital signage promotes hotel services

Schedule presentations to be shown at various times of the day or week.

Showcase hotel rooms and fine dining to encourage upgrades and restaurant bookings

With Repeat Signage software, you can display a playlist of your rooms and hotel suites, to give guests a flavour of what's on offer, encouraging upgrades.

A digital signage display screen in dining areas displaying a playlist of mouth-watering, tastebud-tempting dishes makes choosing meals easier for your guests. You can schedule different presentations to play at various times to suit breakfast, lunch and dinner menus and special offers to encourage future bookings.

Hotel chains can update content in individual hotels or remotely over the Internet.

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Repeat Signage software is really easy to use and you can create dynamic presentations for your display screens and video walls. Download the software onto a Windows PC and insert logo, images, video, text, news feeds and documents, and drag and drop these around the screen to create your presentation. Connect to your display screens.
Repeat Signage software for hotel business suites

Repeat Signage software presentation sample displaying training events.

Hotels with business suites and conference centres can help delegates arriving at your hotel with wayfinding.

Current and forthcoming business events can be scheduled to display on screen, along with catering facilities and business services, at various times of the day or week.

Changeable information on screens outside individual conference rooms can quickly and easily be changed in a simple .txt file on the hotel network.

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