Digital Signage Sample Presentations

Video ideas of sample digital signage content presentations


Display a playlist of book, magazines and gift ideas and promote 'book of the month' offers and special promotional events (00:20 secs)

Business central management

Schedule presentations, broadcast messages and update screens remotely anywhere in the world from a central location (00:20 secs)

Care Homes and Day Care

Today's activities, menu items and messages are displayed from .txt files automatically updating display screens (00:20 secs)

Charity shops eBay auctions

Repeat Signage lets you display your eBay auctions on your charity shop display screens to encourage bids and sales (00:20 secs)

Corporate Communication

Features background image, header, RSS feed and a spreadsheet graph created on built-in spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel (00:20 secs)

Corporate Training Sessions

Features blocks of text with details of training sessions and an RSS feed, easily updated on the computer network (00:20 secs)

Dental Surgeries and Doctors

Display healthcare information on waiting room screens. Patient call allows the next patient's name to be displayed along with a sound (00:20 secs)

Education - Colleges (landscape)

Promote your college courses, open days, business events, menus, library services etc, around the college campus (00:20 secs)

Education - Colleges (portrait)

Displays college news, courses and events on display screens in portrait orientation in college reception areas (00:20 secs)

Education - Primary Schools

Enhance school community with playlist of school activities, sports day or drama class videos, important notices and news feed (00:20 secs)

Education - Schools

Features .RTF files for school diary and the school lunch-time menus automatically change every day (00:26 secs)

Hospital A&E Department

Update waiting times on a computer .txt file automatically updates screens. Safe staff time by answering FAQ on display screens. (00:32 secs)

Hospital Eye Clinics

Display general eye care information on display screens for patients in hospital clinic waiting areas or play short videos. (00:18 secs)

Hospital Outpatient Clinics

Displays spreadsheet patient list and RSS feed of hospital services in outpatients waiting areas (00:26 secs)

Hotels Celebration Events

Showcase your hotel facilities, events and celebrations with images and RSS feed of hotel news and offers (00:12 secs)

Hotels Dining and Guest Rooms

Encourage room upgrades and restaurant bookings with digital signage screens in reception and lift areas (00:20 secs)

Hotels Events and Location

Keep it simple with stunning location images and hotel RSS news feed on display screens (00:20 secs)

Museums and Art Galleries

Encourage visitors with a playlist of exhibits and promoting special events, tours and on-site cafe and facilities (00:20 secs)

Nursing Homes and Care Centres

Ensure excellent communication and reduce handover time with messages displayed in the nurses station (00:20 secs)

Product Promotion & Marketing

Promote products, showcase services and generate advertising income with Repeat Signage digital signage software (00:20 secs)

Restaurants Cafes and Bakeries

Three presentations created on the in-built spreadsheet, scheduled to play at timely intervals during the day and week (00:20 secs)

Retail - Department Store

Created for portrait display screens with use of Repeat icons for social distancing and in-store offers (00:20 secs)

Retail - Individual Shops

Create this presentation in less than half an hour featuring a playlist of images and scrolling text (00:20 secs)

Retail - Shopping Centres

Generate an income by advertising the centre's stores and brands and the mall's seasonal offers and events (00:20 secs)

Initially we used PowerPoint but this didn’t give us the flexibility we needed so we purchased Repeat Signage. After initial design work by myself I’ve managed to pass all updates on to our receptionists. Staff that want messages displaying on the screens simply hand their requests into reception and the receptionists handle all the updates. Due to Repeat Signage’s easy user interface staff required very little training and found that their current Microsoft Office skills were transferable to Repeat Signage."

Repeat Signage digital signage software

Repeat Signage at Westholme School

Repeat Signage software at Westholme School

"Our digital signage displays incorporate school notices, News Feeds, Weather Feeds and advertisements for up and coming school events. The screens are also very versatile so we can switch the screens from primarily focusing on School notices during the day to focusing advertising during the evening when the theatre is in use.

We are very happy with the impact that the screens have had and the simple software and hardware setup meant we were able to do everything in house keeping the costs down. Using Repeat Signage digital signage software has saved us hundreds if not thousands of pounds compared to paying for an outside company to install and provide content for our screens." David Marsden, ICT Network Manager Westholme School, Lancashire.

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