Digital Menu Board Tempts Tastebuds

Bring dishes to life with dynamic content on digital menu boards. Digital signage menu boards, whether in takeaways, bakeries, coffee shops or high-end restaurants, bring dishes to life. Schedule taste-bud tempting dishes to be displayed at various times of the day or week. Play videos, nutritional information and much more. Repeat Signage software includes spreadsheet menu templates for easy menu creation.

Repeat Signage software promotes coffee shop menus

Display a playlist of images and spreadsheet menu

Digital menu boards help customers choose

Bring your dishes to life

Bring your dishes to life with appetizing images and help your food stand out.

Repeat Signage is simple to use software for you to easily create and update your digital signage presentations.

With an in-built spreadsheet grid, menu items and images are easily created and updated.

Schedule presentations to display at various times of the day or week.

Recorded demo (20 secs)
Edit and display screens automatically update

Add edit update calorie-count

A 2-min video shows you an easy way to make changes to your menu items, prices, nutritional content and calorie-count, which automatically update your display screens.

Repeat Signage includes an in-built spreadsheet grid and editor for easy display of menu items. Save your Excel or in-built spreadsheet on your local network work, your website or our free internet service and when you make any changes, Repeat Signage will automatically update your display screens.

2-min video
Repeat Signage for restaurants

Make your changes to calories, prices etc., and screens automatically update.

Digital signage in pizza restaurant

Display your menus in landscape or portrait format

Design your content in corporate colors

Simple yet effective

Digital signage doesn't need to be complicated to be effective.

This sample presentation comprises two playlist of images (or static images), price in diamond shape and two text labels with colour backgrounds.

Design your presentations in corporate colours to match your restaurant's decor. This sample is from one our menu templates.

Repeat Signage software is simple to use and anyone with good computer skills can create a presentation in minutes for any size screen, landscape or portrait, anywhere.

Create 4-screen video walls in horizontal format for above counter display, with the same or different content spanning all display screens.

Update your content from a network drive, remotely over the Internet with a free account, or from your own website via FTP.

Repeat Signage Media Wall
"I am able to automatically switch between breakfast, lunch and dinner menus using the built-in playlist feature so I don't have to worry about manually switching them on time. Repeat Signage has been a real help in saving me time and money while helping to attract more customers to my store. Thanks Repeat Software!"
Repeat Signage includes menu templates

Menus made easy

Traditional menus normally comprise a simple price list with optional images. Ideal in bakeries and sandwich shops where you may not want a dynamic display.

Created, using a spreadsheet, changes can be made remotely, which automatically update the display screens.

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Repeat Signage for restaurants

Repeat Signage includes a spreadsheet grid for easy updating of menu items

Repeat Signage digital signage software for Windows

Repeat Signage Media Wall software displays nutritious menus at Velo Restaurant...

Display QR codes for scanning additional info

Digital menu boards at Velo

Digital signage restaurant menu boards can also display nutritional information and QR codes for extra info.

At Velo Restaurant, they serve up healthy and tasty Vietnamese foods, with digital menus created with Repeat Signage Media Wall edition. Velo is still successfully using Repeat Signage daily after over 7 years.

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