23 October 2017 - New brouchure

We have a new Repeat Signage V4 brochure online.
28 June 2017 - Use iCalendar (iCal) files to schedule pictures and text to display within Repeat Signage presentations

We have added iCalandar file schedule support to the Picture and Text Label controls.
26 January 2017 - Latest success story - Indiana State Bowling Association in the United Statues using our Standard edition

The Indiana State Bowling Association have been using Repeat Signage on 5 display screens since 2015 and have been kind enough to send us their digital signage success story
16 November 2016 - Latest success story from ModaExpress in the United Statues using our Corporate edition


We are experiencing an increasing number of clients, especially in the United States, using our database driven Corporate edition to display their database information in real time.  Our Media Wall edition is also used for the same database driven purposes but allows the information spread over 4 screens and is used is power plants and hospital IT monitoring rooms.

Our latest success story is US based ModaExpress using our Corporate edition to display KPI data and ordering information.  See their success story.  
1 November 2016 - RepeatServer.com RSS feed users migrated to a new dedicated RSS Feed Expert website

We have migrated our existing website RSS news feed hosting accounts to a new dedicated server and hosted a new website called www.RSSFeedExpert.com which provides RSS hosting services to non-Repeat Signage clients.  We have also added website RSS specific features and information to improve our services.    By taking some of the work load off our existing dedicated server, our Repeat Signage clients will received an improved experience.
8 May 2016 - Monitor Repeat Signage V4 player computers from RepeatServer.com - BETA SYSTEM

We have added a new Repeat Signage Manager program to Repeat Signage so that we can continually communicate player information with our free remote control service at www.repeatserver.com.   This allows you to log onto your Repeat Server account and see your player machines:

This is a new system and we will making improvements and adjustments throughout May 2016.

24 April 2016 - RepeatServer.com redesigned to be fully tablet and smart phone friendly

- We have completely redesigned www.repeatserver.com so that you can update your RSS feeds, Text Labels, Text Blocks, and Spreadsheets with a tablet or smart phones.  The previous site was designed with desktop PC's in mind and wasn't responsive.
12 April 2016 - Repeat Signage V4.0.16 - Schedule monitor turn off and player computer shutdown plus  other changes

- You can now set Repeat Signage player computers to turn themselves off a set time each  day.   See shutting down a player computer from with Repeat Signage.

- Play lists have been updated so that you can now either shutdown the computer or scheduling turning the monitor off automatically.

- Excel spreadsheets can now be connected to as databases, which makes it easier to set up databases for use with Repeat Signage.

- Basic logging system has been added.

- When playing presentations we now automatically disable the Windows Screen Saver and the Windows Power Management settings that can turn the monitor off.  An option to turn this feature on or off has been added to the System Settings.   If running on a notebook computer, when running on battery, we also monitor battery life and turn the Power Management back on before the battery runs out so that Windows can still suspend the computer.
17 February 2016 - Repeat Signage V4.0.8 - Pictures controls can display images of website pages plus spreadsheets as a data source

- Our Picture and Flash Banner controls now collect the images of website pages automatically collected and display along side pictures, Powerpoint slides, PDF files, etc.   You can specify how long a website page is stored in our cache, i.e. how often it is updated.

- Our data connection manager now supports Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as a data source, as well as the usual ODBC, MS Access, XML files, CSV files, etc.   Spreadsheets can be created quickly and easily from our Spreadsheet on the main Repeat Signage menu:

This means you can set up spreadsheets to list the information you want to display in our new database driven custom templates.  See below.
29 January 2016 - Repeat Signage V4.0.6 - New database driven custom templates

In the Repeat Signage Corporate and Media Wall editions, the Flash banner control can now mailmerge fully customisable templates into pictures/adverts/product information automatically.  See custom templates for more details.

26 January 2016 - New success story - Velo Restaurants in London successfully using Repeat Signage Media Wall for 5 years

Velo Restaurants Ltd, London, England

Velo have been successfully using Repeat Signage Media Wall edition for  5 years and have updated to Repeat Signage V4 on Windows 10.

View success story

18 January 2016 - Repeat Signage V4.0.5 - New Barcode/QR code control



New Barcode/QR code control allows the easy adding of QR codes to your presentations and Repeat Pictures.  Display QR codes to visitors which have your website addresses encoded and  which they can scan with their smart phones. 

08 January 2016 - Repeat Signage V4 released

Repeat Signage V4 has arrived.   The biggest change is that we now support Microsoft PowerPoint files (pptx and ppt) within all the picture based controls.  The way this works is that PowerPoint slides are automatically converted to pictures and displayed.  See Using Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Repeat Signage for a walk through.   With the addition in Page Range option November 2015:



this means you can chose exactly which slides from a PowerPoint you would like to display.  The Flash banner control and Picture control both support play lists so you can display all or some of the slides from PowerPoint files.

We have added two new major options to our Flash banner control.   The options are:

PAGE FLIPPER 01 - This allows you to select PDF files (or Pictures, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and displays them like a book with turning  pages


ROTATOR 01 - This allows pictures to be scrolled across the screen like they were on a conveyor belt.  There are numerous sizing and display options and you can mix portrait and landscape oriented pictures:



Again, since this control now supports PowerPoint files, you could display all the slides in a file automatically this way as well.

Our touch screen presentation system has had a major update so that you can use our Flash banner control




- Flash Banner pictures can now be individually rotated or colour effects applied.

- The Standalone Edition now has the RTF control, all Flash Clock and Flash RSS designs.   This makes our entry point signage even better value.

- We will be continuing to develop the touch screen system through out 2016 in Repeat Signage V4.

- We have made dozens of under the hood changes in both the designer and player.  This has reduced the load time of both the player and the designer by around 25%.


- We have improved the way Repeat Signage designer works with documents including PDF files, Word documents and Excel files, so that the designer is more responsive.

There is a paid upgrade from Repeat Signage 2010-2015 versions to Repeat Signage V4.  Please visit the Buy page for pricing.

22 November 2015 - Repeat Signage 2015 V3.4.31

We have improved the way Repeat Signage designer works with documents including PDF files, Word documents and Excel files, so that the designer is faster and more responsive.   The Flash banner control, Picture control and PDF/Document control support spreadsheet pages from both .xls and .xlsx files.

11 November 2015 - Repeat Signage  2015 V3.4.29 with improved multi-page document support - Major new release

We have improved the way Repeat Signage handles documents such as PDF files, Word documents, XPS files, etc.  You can now add them to your Flash banner control, Picture control and PDF/Document control play lists and specify exactly which pages to display:



and these pages automatically get added to your play list. 


We have also added support for multi-page Tiff files.


The Flash banner control has also been upgraded so that you can choose any of 40 different text transitions and has a preview box:



The picture transitions selection has also been improved which now shows you a preview of the selected picture transition:



28 October 2015 - The Change Organisation distributes Repeat Signage


We are pleased to welcome The Change Organisation as our newest UK distributor.  See  The Change Organisation and Repeat Software  and visit www.thechange.co.ukk.

5 Ocotber 2015 - Repeat Signage  2015 V3.4.24 - New Repeat Icons V2 system

We have upgraded the Repeat Icons  and added two new collections of icons, giving thousands of new icons to choose from including:



This gives a total of over 4,000 icons.  We have also improved the use of Repeat Icons:


- Added support so that icons can be rotated.

- Allows the sizing and positioning of icons within a control.

- Allows the adding of text and other icons to the original icon, allowing the build up of elaborate designs, for example:



See Repeat Icons for more information.  

2 July 2015 - Repeat Signage in use in Queensmead Primary Academy in Leicester, United Kingdommmm

Queensmean Primary Academy in Leiceter, part of the Greenwood Dale group of academies, has been using Repeat Signage successfully for the last four months.  View their success story showing the extreme flexibily of Repeat Signage to be customised to their requirements.

1 July 2015 - Repeat Signage  2015 V3.4.13 with new Spreadsheet control - Major new release

The new Spreadsheet control is available in all editions of Repeat Signage.  There is a built-in spreadsheet editor so you can add spreadsheets within presentations, which means you can layout information in grids with ease.  Spreadsheets can also be displayed from network drives so that you change the spreadsheet and Repeat Signage can then update the screen in real time.  We have added a spreadsheet creator/editor to the free tools menu on the main Repeat Signage screen, so you don't need a separate spreadsheet package installed .  Spreadsheets are also available in the Repeat Pictures system where they are ideal for adding grids and even graphs to your picture files.

Example drinks menu

See our Spreadsheet control for more information.  A number of new spreadsheet based templates are now available in the new presentation wizard and the new Repeat Picture wizard.

18 June 2015 - Repeat Signage in use at Harrisburg International Airport, United States

Repeat Signage has been sucessfully used at Harrisburg International airport for the last six months. 

View success story

13 May 2015 - Repeat Signage 2015 V3.4.5 released

- IMPROVEMENT - Repeat Icons are now available on Windows XP.

- IMPROVEMENT - If you select to save content files, such as pictures, within a Repeat Signage presentation, then folders used are also now saved.

- IMPROVEMENT - Insert Repeat Icon option now on the Repeat Pictures designer.

27 April 2015 - Repeat Signage 2015 released and free upgrade for existing customers

Repeat Signage 2015 has arrived and the good news is that there is a free upgrade for all existing customers.  Existing customers just need to download the new version and their existing serial numbers will continue to work. 

New features:

The big new feature of Repeat Signage 2015 is database support in our new Corporate Edition and our Media Wall edition.   Most Repeat Signage controls (where applicable) can now collect and display information from database.  There is a new Data grid control.

The Animated gif control now supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files.

The Flash RSS control allows the display of text from databases (in the Corporate and Media Wall editions).  There is also a manual option so that you can scroll text/news that you type in rather than using an RSS feed.

The Flash banner control allows the display of text from databases (in the Corporate and Media Wall editions).  You can now remotely update the 'FADER 01' option from www.repeatserver.com as well.

The Web browser (and web widgets) control allows collection of HTML from databases (in the Corporate and Media Wall editions).  This control has had a major update with the following features:

Zoom Zoom feature added so that you can set a zoom percentage if required.  This is on the Page tab of the properties screen.  100% is the normal size.  50% zooms to make page half the size and 200% makes the page twice as big.  You can use any value between 20% and 500%.
Part of page You can just display part of a website page.  See the displaying just part of a website page help page.
Widget wizard New 'Widget wizard' button which will help you display your widget/HTML easier by embedding it into a complete website page.  This allows the top left position to the set and the optional setting a background colour rather than the default white one.  You can preview the HTML/widget and set zoom options to increase or decrease the displayed size of the widget.
Login URL's You can now use login URLs to which allow you to login to certain sites and then display a protected page.

The Picture control, Text label control, Text block control all now support collection of information from databases.

There are now 1700+ Repeat icons for you to use in your presentations.  These can be displayed by the Picture control and the Flash banner control.  These are available in the main Repeat Signage designer and also in the Repeat Pictures system which can be used to create adverts/pictures.

Existing customers and upgrading to Repeat Signage 2015

The only change in the installation package is that we are now using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, rather than version 3.5SP1.  All Windows computers that have their Windows Updates up-to-date will alrealy have had this installed but if not then the Repeat sginage setup program will install it automatically.

There are several new features, as listed above.  Just make sure you upgrade all of your computers to Repeat Signage 2015.  For example, if you change your designer PC to Repeat Signage 2015 and use features like Repeat Icons , then these features will not play on previous versions of Repeat Signage.

19 February 2015 - Repeat Signage powers Unicol stand at ISE 2015 in Amsterdam

Our Director, Linda Adams, helped Unicol Engineering  design and set up their digitial signage presentations at ISE.   See the success story here.

28 November 2014 - Free upgrade to Repeat Signage 2015 when released next year

All existing customers will get another year of free upgrades to the latest version of Repeat Signage.  When we release Repeat Signage 2015 early next year, existing serial numbers will continue to work with the new version.  Just download from our website and install.  

We have now given our valued customers free updates for 5 years in a row. 

15 September 2014 - 50+ new training videos

We have re-recorded our free training videos and now have over 60 videos in total to help you get started with Repeat Signage on our training page.

They have also been published to our YouTube channel if you would prefer to watch our videos on there.

21 August 2014 - Repeat Signage 2014 V3.2.15

- IMPROVEMENT - The new Text Manager screen has been added to the main screen's utilities menu.  The Text Manager allows you to easily update text files and RepeatServer.com Text Labels directly from within Repeat Signage. 

- IMPROVEMENT - Flash banner control now allows folders of pictures to be added.

Repeat Software is committed to continually improving Repeat Signage and there has been free updates to our latest version for customers that purchased Repeat Signage in the last 4 years.  We are currently working on two new systems that will be implemented over the next few months.  

20 August 2014 - Fusion Technologies now distributing Repeat Signage in Ireland

- We are pleased to welcome Fusion Technologies who are latest distributor in the Republic of Ireland.

17 August 2014 - 1,000 new free digital signage image added RepeatServer.com

- RepeatServer.com now has a further 1,000 new images for you to use free in your Repeat Signage presentations.  There are now over 3,000 pictures available. 

20 July 2014 - 500 new free digital signage image added RepeatServer.com

- RepeatServer.com now has 500 new images for you to use free in your Repeat Signage presentations.  There are now over 2,000 pictures available. 

03 July 2014 - Repeat Signage 2014 V3.2.3

- IMPROVEMENT - The picture and PDF controls now have sepia and negative effects, as well as greyscale.

16 June 2014 - Looking for world wide resellers and distributors

- Repeat Signage has been sold into 21 countries.  We are now actively looking for distributors and resellers world wide.  See our resellers page for information on reselling our software.  

03 June 2014 - Square 1 Products are now distributing Repeat Signage in the UK

- We are pleased to announce that Square 1 Products are now distributing Repeat Signage to their network of IT and AV resellers in the UK.

12 March 2014 - Repeat Signage is being exhibited at CeBIT in Germany:

Repeat Signage at CeBIT

See this unrehearsed YouTube video of Linda Adams speaking to a news crew:


05 March 2014 - Repeat Signage 2014 V3.

- IMPROVEMENT - Adds image creation and editing support to Repeat Signage with Repeat Pictures.  This is ideal for building up presentation background images and also adding text to existing pictures. 

01 March 2014 - AVA Systems now distributing Repeat Signage in Ireland

- We would like to welcome AVA Systems as our first distributor in Southern Ireland.

 06 February 2014 - Repeat Signage 2014 V3.0.7

- IMPROVEMENT - When you insert controls, then is a second tab called 'Multiple item play list' that allows you to set up a play list straight from the off.

- IMPROVEMENT - Re- organisation of play list screens so that more information can be seen.

- IMPROVEMENT - Multi-select add buttons added to the Flash banner and Flash video controls.

- IMPROVEMENT - Flash banner play list grid now displays the title and description of items.

 29 January 2014 - Repeat Signage 2014 V3.0.6

- IMPROVEMENT - Play list screen has been updated for STANDARD play lists which allows faster adding of new presentations to the grid.  There is now a new 'Add from Repeat Server' button which brings up a multi-select screen of presentations and allows multiple presentations to be added to the list in one go.

- IMPROVEMENT - Controls, such our Picture control, now have faster data input when using play lists.  The play list tab has a new 'Add from this computer' button that allows really quick multi-select adding of files to a play list.  There is also a new 'Add from Repeat Server' button which brings up a multi-select screen of files from your RepeatServer.com account and allows multiple files to be added to the list in one go.

 16 January 2014 - Repeat Signage 2014 V3.0.3

- IMPROVEMENT - New type of play list called STANDARD.  This is a simple play list that allows you to add a list of presentations and then they continually loop.  This is in additional to the existing timed types of play lists including HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY and DATES.

- IMPROVEMENT - The play list routine now plays presentations faster.

 05 January 2014 - Repeat Signage 2014 launched - Major new release

- IMPROVEMENT - Support for Microsoft XPS files added.  An XPS file is the Microsoft equivalent of a PDF file.  Windows Vista, 7 and 8 have a built in printer which is installed on all computers called 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer'.  You can use this to print your documents directly to a .xps file and then use either the Picture control, PDF/Document control or Flash banner control to display these.  

- IMPROVEMENT - New improved system for rending of RTF text and documents.

- IMPROVEMENT - New Controller control which allows other control's play lists to be synchronised.

- IMPROVEMENT - Wider support for RSS feeds with the Flash RSS Feed control.

 16 October 2013 - Repeat Signage 2013 V2.6.9 - Major new release

- IMPROVEMENT - Picture, PDF and Flash Banner controls now display Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), .rtf, .pdf, and OpenOffice.org Writer (.odt) files and have the option of specifying a page number.  See Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer documents in Repeat Signage.

- IMPROVEMENT - Picture, PDF and Flash Banner controls allow the cropping of pictures and even documents such as PDF's.

- IMPROVEMENT - Flash Banner control now displays .bmp and .wmf picture files.

- IMPROVEMENT - Flash Banner uses new system to display images which is more memory efficient.



1 October 2013


New edition of Repeat Signage released:


Repeat Signage 2013 for UK Estate Agents



20 September 2013


All Saint's Primary School in Thurlestone, England, took our school challenge to get pupils to design their digital notice board.  For full story, see:





September 2013 - Repeat Signage V2.5.8 released  - Support added for displaying Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek and other character sets in Repeat Signage


Repeat Signage and RepeatServer.com now have Unicode support that allows the the displaying of non-Latin text (this is Latin text).  For example, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian characters:






Русская письменность поддерживается


हिंदी लेखन का समर्थन किया


Ελληνική γραφή που υποστηρίζονται


Prior to V2.5.8, some of the controls, such as the Text Label and Flash Banner controls didn't allow the entering of non-Latin text.  Our free RepeatServer.com service has also been updated so that you can create RSS feeds that contain Unicode characters and also it's Text Labels, Text Blocks, and Flash Banner RSS feeds now all support Unicode characters.  See our Unicode support page.



June 2013 - Repeat Signage V2.5.0 released - Major new release


Repeat Signage will now allows presentations and play lists to be played from FTP sites.  There is a new Repeat FTP manager screen on the main screen's Utility menu which allows you to add FTP connection details.  These can then be used so that you can select an FTP site when playing presentations, play lists and also when selecting content files such as pictures, text files, etc, for use within a presentation. 


The Repeat RSS feed manager, which is a free tool on the main screen's Utility menu, will now publish directly to an FTP site.  This means that you can create RSS feeds and publish directly to your organisation's website from within Repeat Signage.  This is a free utility, and works in the trial edition of the software, which never expires.  You can also create RSS feeds free of charge at RepeatServer.com.


The Flash Banner control now supports remote updating from our free RepeatServer.com service.  The Flash Banner control displays a series of pictures, with (or without) text and has PowerPoint style transitions to the next picture (see image below).


The Flash Banner control


You can now upload your images to RepeatServer.com and then within your account create a Flash Banner RSS feed, which is a list of pictures along with text and transition information, that is stored in a text file (in XML format).  Within a Repeat Signage presentation, you can then point your Flash Banner control at this file and it will automatically download and play the play list and pictures files and display these to your audience.  When you then go back to RepeatServer.com and change the play list, the Repeat Signage presentation will automatically update itself.  As long as the digital signage computer and screen playing a presentation has an Internet connection, then it can be updated remotely from anywhere in the world.



May 2013 - Repeat Signage V2.4.7 released


Repeat Signage is used in doctor and dental surgeries to display information to patients.  It can also act as a front end to patient call / visitor call systems.  The way this works is that Repeat Signage can display either a plain text or rich text (RTF) file with the details of the next patient.  This is shown on screen.  When the file containing the patient information is either updated manually, or by patient/visitor call software, then Repeat Signage will display the new details immediately.  We also have the facility to also play a sound fine when this happens, such as a beep, to alert patients/visitors to look at the digital signage screen.  We now have added text-to-speech support which allows Repeat Signage to 'read' the text file information aloud.  See our help file page for step-by--step information on how to set this up:  http://www.repeatsoftware.com/help/TextToSpeech.htm



March 2013 - Repeat Signage gets a make over and integrates with RepeatServer.com


Repeat Signage just got a newly designed interface to make designing, editing and playing presentations easier.  Our free RepeatServer.com service, which allows remote updating of presentations, has been integrated into Repeat Signage.  You can create an account from inside Repeat Signage and then insert RepeatServer.com items such as your own RSS news feeds, pictures, etc, into your presentations by selecting the RepeatServer.com option and choosing a file.  RepeatServer.com is also used to host Repeat Signage play lists and presentations in a central, worldwide location, so that you can have Internet connected player computers anywhere in the world play these files.


New main Repeat Signage screen


There is also a new welcome screen that makes signing up for a free RepeatServer.com account easier:


New Repeat Signage welcome screen



February 2013 - Repeat Signage Standalone to ship with NEC displays in the UK

Repeat Signage Standalone edition is now distributed with NEC display products through their distributor Mentor Distribution.   

Mentor Distribution is one of the largest IT/AV product trade-only distributors in the UK.  Visit:




For more information on NEC display products available in the in UK, visit:





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