County Council Digital Signage

Helping visitors with wayfinding and important information at Sligo City Hall

Sligo City Hall

Sligo City Hall displays Sligo County Council information to locals and visitors with Repeat Signage

Sligo, with a dramatic backdrop of Benbulben, is a coastal seaport in a beautiful part of Northwest Ireland.

Tourists flock to Sligo every year as it plays host to music festivals, food festivals, attractions and events.

Sligo has many historical sites and buildings - Sligo City Hall, itself a magnificent historic building, is home to Sligo County Council

When reception is unattended or the receptionist is busy, visitors can still access information via the digital signage display screen.

Repeat Signage displays important notices for visitors

Digital signage at Sligo City Hall

Playlist of tourist attraction images can be displayed on screen.

Sligo City Hall utilises Repeat Signage digital signage software to welcome visitors, give important public notices with way finding and contact numbers.

Simple scrolling text or an RSS feed allows easy input of messages such as 'If the desk is unattended please use the telephone below'.

A playlist of local tourist attractions, featuring historic Sligo Abbey and Sligo walks, encourage visitors.

Revenue can also be generated by advertising local shops, bars, restaurants and attractions on the display screen.

Repeat Signage software can also be utilised on display screens in individual council offices to display council meeting videos, spreadsheets of financial information, whilst the page-turning PDF feature allows brochures to be perused on screen.

Repeat Signage also includes an RSS feed creator, for the easy compilation of local news feeds which can be used within the software to display on screen, or used websites.

Digital signage hardware and Repeat Signage software supplied by: AVA Systems, Sligo.

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