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Repeat Signage creates brand awareness and promotes shopping centre stores

Repeat Signage software at Quayside Shopping Centre

Quayside Shopping Centre are creating brand awareness, promoting its stores, providing way-finding information and keeping its shoppers updated on the centre's events and seasonal promotions on four display screens throughout the shopping centre. Dynamic content, created with Repeat Signage software, is easily updated internally or remotely over the Internet, so that time-sensitive announcements and latest news can be quickly added.

Quayside success story

Digital signage success stories for retail stores

Repeat Signage in over 60 PLTD stores in the Philippines

We have added another category for Repeat Signage success stories - digital signage for retail. Repeat Signage is in use in stores, including Sligo's Quayside Shopping Centre, and in more than 60 PLDT stores across the Philippines.

Retail digital signage

QBSD announces Distribution Agreement with Repeat Software

Repeat Software partners with QBSD

Repeat Software, a UK software developers has awarded distribution to QBS Distribution ("QBSD"), a European software distributor based in Wembley, London.

"QBS are very happy to welcome Repeat Signage as our latest publisher partner. Repeat Signage product compliments many of our other software offerings so I am looking forward to see the combined business grow."  John Pochettino, Business Manager of QBSD.

"We are pleased at the announcement of our partnership with UK distributor QBS Software. We will be working hard together with QBS Software to ensure all customers enjoy the benefits of Repeat Signage as part of their digital signage solution."  Linda Adams, Marketing Director at Repeat Software.

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Digital signage success stories for restaurants

Repeat Signage digital signage software

We have added another category for Repeat Signage success stories - digital signage for restaurants. Ideal for creating digital menu boards comprising single or multi-screen displays and scheduling these to display different menus at various times of the day or week.

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