Repeat Software Ltd

Terms and Conditions

1.   Orders

1.1.   We accept online orders via PayPal.

1.2.   Resellers and distributor official purchase orders can be accepted via email or by setting up a secure online account. PayPal or BACS payments accepted.

2.    How to order and payment terms

2.1.   We cannot accept telephone orders. Please email us at with your requirements and we will produce a full quotation or proforma invoice first if required.

2.2.   Payment options include bank transfer or PayPal. Bank transfer can be accepted in both British pounds or Euros.

2.3.   14 or 30 day credit accounts are available for government, government funded schools, colleges and universities (not private schools or academies), local councils, public sector, NHS government funded hospitals and clinics (not private clinics, doctors surgeries or dentists).

2.4.   14 and 30 day credit accounts are available for Repeat Software's Authorised Distributors.

2.5.   Purchase orders must include delivery address, invoice address, goods, prices, delivery price, quotation number and credit card surcharge if applicable. Purchase orders must be signed by the authorising person.

2.6   Payment of goods on credit accounts in default of payment and where payment exceeds our normal credit terms, interest is charged at a rate of 5% above Bank of England rate from the date payment is due, together with all costs of recovery.

2.7   Property in all goods supplied does not pass to the buyer until after full payment has been received and cleared, and may result in the licence serial numbers being revoked.

3.   Description of goods

3.1.   There are 4 software editions for worldwide customers: Repeat Signage Standalone; Repeat Signage Standard: Repeat Signage Corporate; Repeat Signage Media Wall (formerly Repeat Signage Professional).

3.2.   Repeat Signage software, its instructions, help menus, training videos and other materials are written in the English language. The software supports Unicode for the display of country characters.

3.3.   Although every care is given to providing accurate descriptions and pricing in brochures and on the website, we cannot be held responsible for any incompleteness, errors or omissions. E. & O.E

3.4.   Product brochures, digital signage guides and Repeat Signage success stories are produced by Repeat Software Ltd., for the sole purpose of providing general information and examples of client's testimonials, client's images and brand manufacturers images, for which written approval has been obtained. No liability can be accepted for the completeness or accuracy of these guides.

3.5.   Repeat Software Ltd take no responsibility for any problems or accidents resulting from installation nor use of Repeat Signage software. It is recommended that a competent person should always perform download installation.

4.   Intellectual Property

4.1.   Repeat Signage is the trademark of Repeat Signage digital signage software and is wholly and exclusively owned by the Publisher - Repeat Software Ltd., and protected by Copyright.

4.2.   Repeat Software Ltd (The Company) works with distributors and reseller partners to supply Repeat Signage digital signage software to the reseller partners customers, strictly on a licence basis, for which a commission is paid, and have such, no claim to any rights in connection with Repeat Signage software, which is wholly owned by Repeat Software Ltd.

5.   Digital signage software licences

5.1.   Repeat Signage digital signage software is available as a digital download onto a Windows-based computer and subject to the software licence agreement. Personal details are NOT required to access the download. The installation program has been digitally signed by Repeat Software so that you know it hasn't been tampered with.

5.2.   Both the trial and full versions of Repeat Signage have the same set up program which can be downloaded.

5.3.   On purchase of Repeat Signage software licence, a serial number is issued that allows you to unlock the full version on your computer. Online or manual activation is required.

5.4.   The Repeat Signage software licence fee is a two year fee for every Windows computer playing presentations onto one display screen for the Standalone, Standard and Corporate editions and onto 2, 3 or 4 display screens for the Media Wall edition. The software licence fee is a one-time payment. See Repeat Signage licensing.   See software pricing.

6.   Warranties and Return of Goods

6.1.   Any issues or complaints arising from Repeat Signage software, please contact for assistance.

6.2.   We do NOT sell goods on a return or sale basis.

7.   Assignment of goods

7.1   You may not assign, charge or transfer any of your rights or obligations under any Contract without our prior written consent. We may assign and/or sub-contract any Contract at any time on notice to you.

8.   Privacy Policy - GDPR

8.1   The Company respects your privacy and operates a privacy policy. See the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) page for details.

9.   English Law

9.1   These terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of England and all parties shall submit to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

10.   Disclaimer

Whilst we make every effort to keep the website up-to-date, we do not provide any guarantees, conditions or warranties, that the information will be current or accurate. E.&O.E.