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Retail signage in Philippine retail stores

Repeat Signage digital signage software

Welcome to our latest reseller partner, Optima Digital Inc., based in Manila in the Philippines, who specialise in post production and digital services. To date, they have more than 60 PLDT stores where Repeat Signage Media Wall software is being used.  

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Repeat Signage software brochure

Repeat Signage digital signage software

Our revised brochure features images of some of our global customers to show the flexibility of Repeat Signage digital signage software, with some ideas for signage presentations.  In daily use in 31 countries, in numerous applications across vertical markets, Repeat Signage is easy to use.  After downloading onto a Windows PC, you insert a variety of media to create your presentation. Then connect to a display screen or video wall and you're ready to promote your own organisation's activities.

Repeat Signage brochure

Digital signage for retail shops and shopping centers

Repeat Signage software for shops and retail shopping centers

Digital signage displays in individual shops and shopping centers, help promote your products, brands, events and special offers, to keep your customers updated and increase sales

Digital signage for retail

Digital signage for restaurants and coffee shops

Repeat Signage software for restaurants, coffee shops and fast food outlets

Digital menu boards, displaying dynamic images of your tastebud-tempting dishes, makes choosing food easier, rather than simply reading a menu. Here are some ideas, with sample demonstration videos.

Restaurant signage

Digital signage for education

Repeat Signage software for schools, academies and colleges

For dynamic and effective communication, having a digital signage display screen in your school reception area, or screens around your college campus, keeps your students, teachers and parents updated on a range of school activities and is an effective and dynamic way to communicate information.

Education signage

Digital signage for hotels and spas

Repeat Signage software for hotels

How guests are greeted and welcomed on arrival at hotel reception always makes an impression. Whether that is a good or bad first impression depends on the hotel and its staff. Often guests are tired after a long journey, and being offered a smile, a warm welcome and a glass of iced water makes a big difference. Guests waiting in reception area can leisurely browse the display screen, showcasing the hotel services which then encourages eating-in, enjoying the spa and other facilities.

Hotel signage

Digital signage for hospitals

Repeat Signage software for hospital

Digital signage display screens in hospitals helps with communication and the advertising of wider hospital services and care. Repeat Signage allows spreadsheet and text file information to be easily updated by nurses and reception staff, to change A&E; waiting times and clinical information and ward patient lists. Hospital restaurants can ease mealtime queues by promoting playlists of tastebud-tempting menus on display screens, whilst hairdressers and hospital shops can promote their products and services.

Hospital signage

Digital signage for care homes

Repeat Signage software for care homes

Care homes displaying welcoming messages, news of upcoming events, celebrating residents birthdays and showcasing home facilities and residents activities, meals and outings, helps give families, visitors and prospect new residents a real flavour of the care home, its commitment and staff. Easy to download and simple to create presentations, Repeat Signage digital signage software, enhances your care home facilities.

Care home signage  Repeat Signage software

Success stories by application

Repeat Signage Media Wall in a large US hospital

Success stories from some of Repeat Signage's satisfied customers, can be viewed by country. We have now added new webpages to allow you to view success stories and gain ideas for your digital signage software presentations, by application: Business  Education  Healthcare  Leisure Restaurants and Retail

Success stories

GDPR Privacy Law

Repeat Signage presentation sample

We have updated and and fully audited our data in line with new GDPR laws.

GDPR  Software comparisons

Touch screen presentations

Repeat Signage with touch screen support

All editions of Repeat Signage digital signage software include touch screen support. We have added a simple touch screen presentation to our presentation sample page, to demonstrate how you can easily create a presentation for your customers to interact with. Ideal for desktop monitors and kiosks. When each button is clicked on a touch screen monitor or kiosk, it opens up the relevant off-line webpage. There are two touchscreen examples below:

Touchscreen 01  Touchscreen 02

Online guide to digital signage

Repeat Signage digital signage for schools

Most of the leading brand display screen manufacturers have digital signage displays in their portfolio. These are usually built for 16/7 or 24/7 usage for digital signage applications and allow you to display content such as a PowerPoint presentation or video to promote activities.

Digital signage guide

New website launch

Repeat Signage new design website

Repeat Software launches its new website design. This includes information on Repeat Signage digital signage software editions, with a comparison chart and a list of features common to all editions.

We feature success stories from some of our satisfied customers across the world, are featured, and if you click on the country flags you can see success stories by country.

Repeat Signage software

Repeat Signage promotes martial arts events

Repeat Signage at CBBA

"For the last 5 years I have been looking for a simple to use option for digital signage that would work in our Martial Arts Academy for the parents to watch while classes are running. Repeat Signage allows me to advertise to clients, connect to rss feeds and create better branding without paying a monthly fee and having to eat up your internet bandwidth. 

The staff are great to deal with and respond to your questions fast. Having used it for a month now we have had no issues and have had more students register for events at a faster rate without having to seek them out."   Jason Figliano, Owner and Head Instructor, Canadian Black Belt Academy.

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